Press Release

Public Relationship Officer details.

Shri. Shahu Bibhishan Darade,

Mobile : 9922292995 / 8208612481

1.Prisoners released on bail following recommendations of HPC dated 11th May 2020
2.Prisoners released on Emergency Parole
3.Release of Prisoners to prevent contagion spread of COVID19 in prisons
4.Temporary Prisons
5.Prison Population
6.COVID 19 REPORT (Prisonwise)
7.Coin Box and Video Calling Facility for Prisoners
8.Video Calling Facility for Lawyer
9.Vaccination of Prisoners
10.Vaccination of Staff
11.Dedicated Email ID list for Lawyer Visit
12.Bank Account Details for Online Money Order and MO recived status
13.Prisoner Population Breakup
14.COVID care centre for Prisons